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Support Combat Female Veterans and Their Families

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In the military, women are required to be trained and treated as equals with their male counterparts. History has shown that they were as equipped to handle the rigors of combat through bootcamp and in the field as men. However, when returning to civilian life adjustment is difficult because they are not operating within the expectations traditionally applied to women. Many female veterans find it challenging to feel welcome in the workplace, accepted in the female civilian community and comfortable in our society. Being misunderstood during their transition has led to overwhelming challenges in getting meaningful employment, adequate housing and feminocentric support services.
You can help bridge the gap so female veterans can find avenues to assist them in reacclimating to our society and obtaining the services they desperately need. With your help and donations to CFVF United, we can provide services such as female veteran support groups, training, and financial assistance. Considering their unique abilities and needs, your support will greatly improve their transition back to a thriving life with their families and our communities. This is your opportunity to serve the mothers, wives, sisters and friends who valiantly sacrificed so much for our nation.

Thank you for helping us, help her.